Sanja Nedic obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Maine (USM) with a double major in Mathematics and Physics. She was then awarded RTG Graduate Fellowship at Stony Brook University where she went on to receive a Masters of Arts in Mathematics.

Sanja’s research at LCNeuro focuses on nonlinear analyses of functional MRI time-series in psychiatric and neurological disorders with these primary goals:

  1. Development of a quantitative measure to assess temporal integrity of fMRI time-series.

  2. Development of methods for fMRI time-series analyses that can be used to diagnose dysregulation in brain networks, with specific application to identification of foci in patients with medication-resistant focal epilepsy. 

  3. Integration of high-fidelity fMRI data with computational modeling to build single-subject control circuit models capable of predicting differences in behavior from fMRI-derived network dynamics of relevant brain circuits.  

Sanja is also interested in meso-circuit brain dynamics that underlie oxytocin's effects on social and affiliate behaviors in humans.   She spent Spring 2013 at Martinos Center for Biomedical Engineering at MIT/Harvard optimizing parameters for the neuroimaging component of the Brain Dynamics of Oxytocin study.