7th Grade Microcontrollers:

Graduate Students: Pratha Katti and Betsy Bartlett

Teacher: Mrs. Mindy Rogers

Size of class: 5 students


General Description of Curriculum:

Our purpose is to introduce the the concept of microcontrollers and help the students become proficient in programming using the Arduino interface to create simple programs that will allow the students to control the Arduino microcontrollers. The curriculum will begin with modules to teach the students the fundamentals of circuits and programming in Arduino that include lecture-style classes and hands-on classes in the computer lab. Next, students will learn how to use Arduino to perform basic functions with the microcontroller such as switch LEDs on and off, create buttons, and read information from different types of sensors. Students will then apply the fundamentals they learned in the first ~⅔ of the course to complete a group project using Arduino Car kits. This project will include writing an original code in Arduino, selecting the type of sensor, and using the code to control a microcontroller-based car.



Requires Arduino microcontrollers, car kits, LEDs, Resistors, Ultrasound Sensors,and Motor Shields for every group of 2-3 students.